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Covid 2nd Doses

All of the existing Covid-19 vaccines being used in the UK require two doses. The first dose gives good protection, although longer-lasting and maximum protection only comes after the second dose. It is important that everyone gets both doses when they invited to do so. There are enough supplies of the vaccine to give second doses to everyone who has had their first. The vast majority of people are receiving their second dose within the recommended 12 weeks from first dose. A small number of people are not able to get their second dose within this period. For people in this situation, the official advice says “If an interval longer than the recommended interval is left between doses, the second dose should still be given. The course does not need to be restarted.” So if your second dose is more than 12 weeks after the first, don’t worry. You still have the protection offered by the first dose, and you should still get the second dose when it is offered to you. You don’t need to go back to the start. Remember that even after your first or second doses, you can still transmit Covid, so stick to the Hands Face Space rules even after you have had your vaccine.