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New Telephone System 26th May 2020

In response to the increased demands we are installing a new system on the 26th May 2020.  This will provide a better experience for our patient and the practice team.  The system will include:

  • More lines – enabling both patients and clinicians to call in and out without the telephone lines becoming clogged up
  • Call Queue Position – enabling patients to know where they are in the Queue
  • Routing of Calls – enabling calls to be routed to different teams
  • Queue Messages – providing useful information to patients while they are in the queue
  • Improved Business Continuity – improved back up in the event that the main telephone lines are interrupted
  • Improved hardware and headsets for the practice team – with more of the clinical work being undertaken by the telephone it is important that the practice team have the tools to carry our their work safely and efficiently.
  • Future Innovations – the system will allow us to include more features as they are developed


We hope that our patients and practice team see an immediate benefit in the new system.  Please do let us know if you have any suggestions or feedback once the system has gone live after the 26th May.