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How to register

Patient Registration

We have an open list and welcome requests for registration from patients living in or moving to the practice area. Please see map for our catchment area or use the interactive map below:

Anyone in England can register with a GP surgery.

You do not need proof of address or immigration status, ID or an NHS number. However we do ask for this as it helps us match your previous GP records.

Please follow the link to Register Online



Temporary Registration

If you are not registered with a GP but need to see one, you can get emergency treatment at any GP surgery.

If you need treatment for more than 14 days, you will need to register with that GP surgery as a temporary or permanent patient.

Please complete the registration form – Download the form here.

Email the form to:


New patient health checks

All newly-registered patients over 5 years of age are advised to make an appointment with a nurse for a new patient check. This consultation is to check the blood pressure, take a full personal and family history and advise on any health issues you wish to discuss.

Please bring a urine sample. Although this health check is offered for up to a year after registering it is opportune to have it soon so that it is not overlooked.

Chorleywood Health Centre is Proud To Be  Safe Surgery for Everyone in our Community

In recognition of the barriers to healthcare access faced by people in vulnerable circumstances, including migrants, we commit to protecting the human right to health.

We will take steps to ensure that everyone in our community may fulfil their entitlement to quality healthcare. In partnership with Doctors of the World UK, we will ensure that our practice offers a welcoming space for everyone who seeks to use our services.

Mindful of our duties to uphold equality and human rights law, we will implement patient registration policies which do not discriminate based on race, gender, sexual orientation, immigration status or any other characteristic.

Supported by the Safe Surgeries initiative, we will ensure that our staff understand the specific barriers faced by migrants in vulnerable circumstances and that they are empowered to mitigate these barriers, where possible.

We will ensure that a lack of identification or proof of address, immigration status or language do not prevent patient registration.

As a member of the Safe Surgeries community, we will endeavour to support other Safe Surgeries and, where appropriate, provide feedback to Doctors of the World UK to support the development of the network.



Date published: 10th October, 2014
Date last updated: 16th April, 2024