Chorleywood Health Centre

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Travel clinic

A comprehensive travel advice and travel immunisation service is provided by the health centre. Make sure you plan your vaccinations well in advance. You will generally need to start your vaccinations at least 8 weeks before your travel. We may not be able to offer appointments at short notice due to the high demand. Travel health advice is not given over the phone.

Please click here for information about fees.

How to use our travel advice service

Step 1

Check recommendations for all destinations on the website Print off and mark your travel destinations on the relevant malaria maps.

Step 2

Complete our Overseas Traveller Form download here or complete the online form below.

Step 3

Bring the completed Overseas Traveller form (if downloaded), together with a full itinerary of your travel plans and your completed malaria maps, into the surgery and hand to the receptionist. Please do not email the completed form to the health centre.

Step 4

Please contact the health centre 3 working days after handing in the form to make an appointment. Travel health advice & a number of travel immunisations are free under the NHS, however some do have a charge, private prescriptions for anti-malarial prophylaxis & drugs specifically required for travel are also charged for.

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